Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists

Our Meetings

Our meetings are held Thursdays from 7-9 pm, locations vary.

Organization-wide meetings include discussion of the trajectory of CORS as a whole, public presentations on socialist politics, and the nitty-gritty organizing work that's required for building working-class power.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our meetings are open to the public. We hope to see you there!

Membership Requirements

Full Members of CORS must agree to the following:

  1. Agreement with our Points of Unity

    • Our Points of Unity establishes a basic outline of the theoretical principles that undergird our project. One must agree to accept these points practically as part of membership.
  2. Acceptance of our Code of Conduct

    • We firmly believe in the need to create a safe and empowering organizational space. Our Code of Conduct outlines the basic expectations of members in respect to interpersonal interactions and the disciplinary apparatus which will address breaches of the Code and other problems which arise in the course of our organizing. We take seriously the task of confronting oppressive and exclusionary behavior in our organization and expect every comrade to engage with others in comradely ways.

    • We expect every member to participate in a training which will emphasize our expectations of members in regards to comradely and non-oppressive interpersonal behavior.

  3. Regular payment of dues

    • To ensure funds for local organizing efforts and other organizational expenses, we expect members to contribute a recommended $5 monthly in dues, unless financial accommodations are necessary.

    • Dues will be collected monthly by the elected financial coordinator who will prepare regular reports on collections and expenses.

    • All members have the right to propose where our available funding goes, with proposals requiring majority vote to be implemented.

  4. Active membership

    • As a democratic organization of activists, we strive to have an active membership.

    • An active member attends meetings on a regular basis and/or engages in organizing in the group, social movements, or the workplace, with flexibility based on individual circumstances.

    • Non-payment of dues for more than 3 months without accommodation or discussion with the financial coordinator will result in derecruitment. A derecruited member may rejoin at any time, but will not have access to internal communication channels until officially rejoining.