The Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists are proud to announce the launch of a new local publication, The Columbus Worker.

Our mission is to bring a local voice to the working and oppressed classes of Central Ohio. We aim to provide a platform for activists to discuss and debate contemporary struggles taking place both locally and internationally, so that we can sharpen our understanding of what is to be done in order to overcome all systems of oppression and exploitation. Developing revolutionary strategy is integral to our liberation, and we hope that The Columbus Worker can be a space for activists to further their revolutionary analysis.

Bourgeois propaganda floods our everyday consciousness: from our schools and our media, to our government and our public figures. It is crucial that working-class people have their own space to speak truth to power, and to advance the consciousness needed to organize our class in the pursuit of overthrowing capitalism.

In addition to covering current events, The Columbus Worker is a space for revolutionaries to elucidate theoretical analysis. As a multi-tendency organization, we aim to support and cover a wide array of revolutionary movements and shine a light on the diverse and multifaceted nature of working class struggle in the 21st century, in service of developing a modern strategy and modern tactics for the left. We understand revolution to be an evolving science and process of collaboration, welcoming contributions from Marxist Theory, Historical Materialism, Black Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Post-Colonial Theory, Anarchism and more..

As a worker-run, membership-funded organization, we will not accept donations from any entities outside of our class, nor from any advertisement agencies.

We invite you to help fulfill our mission, and to submit any contributions which further the pursuit of our collective liberation.

We have nothing to lose but our chains! Workers and oppressed people of the world, unite!

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